Jennie Karalewich, Lead Redistricting Program Specialist
U.S. Census Bureau
Jennie Karalewich just completed her second decennial census at the Census Bureau. She has been with the Bureau since 2008, starting as a geographer and then moving to the Redistricting and Voting Rights Data office in 2015. Jennie has a B.S. in geography from the Pennsylvania State University in 2005 and a MS in Natural Resource Management from Utrecht University in 2007. Despite living in the District of Columbia, Jennie is still a huge Nittany Lions, Penguins, and Steelers fan.
Michael Hawes, Senior Advisor for Data Access and Privacy
U.S. Census Bureau
Michael Hawes is Senior Advisor for Data Access and Privacy at the U.S. Census Bureau. He is responsible for outreach and engagement with the Census Bureau’s data users on issues relating to the impact of privacy protection methodologies on the accessibility and usability of Census data. Prior to joining the Census Bureau, Michael served as the Director of Student Privacy at the U.S. Department of Education, where he was the Department’s senior policy official responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal laws governing the privacy and confidentiality of education records. Michael currently serves as Chair of the American Statistical Association's Committee on Professional Ethics. He is also a member of the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology and Chairs the FCSM's Confidentiality and Data Access Committee.
Jason Devine, Assistant Division Chief, Census Programs, Population Division
U.S. Census Bureau
Jason Devine has been at the U.S. Census Bureau for 20+ years. During that time, he worked on the population estimates and Demographic Analysis for the 2010 Census. Jason is now working on the 2020 Census data products. This includes the review of the 2020 Census, the production and release of the apportionment counts, and the planning and preparation of other 2020 Census data products.
Alexandra Krause, Survey Statistician
U.S. Census Bureau
Alexandra Krause obtained her Ph.D. in sociology from Florida State University. Now, she works at the U.S. Census Bureau as a survey statistician in the Population Division. Her work centers around 2020 Census demographic and housing characteristics. In particular, she focuses on data products and dissemination, including differential privacy. In addition, she works on response processing.
Kanin Reese, Chief, Dissemination Outreach Branch
U.S. Census Bureau
Kanin Reese is the Chief of the Dissemination Outreach Branch at the U.S. Census Bureau, where she engages internal and external stakeholders in the future of data dissemination. Kanin joined the Census Bureau in 2005 as a survey statistician and worked on various surveys and programs as an income and poverty analyst. For the past four years, Kanin has been responsible for the communications and outreach efforts for the Census API, Microdata Access tool, and the new data dissemination platform, Kanin has a master's degree in demography from University of Mississippi and a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology from Texas A&M University.
Andrew Hait, Survey Statistician/Economist, Economic Outreach and Marketing/Economic Management Division
U.S. Census Bureau
Andrew Hait is a Survey Statistician/Economist in the Economic Planning and Coordination Division at the U.S. Census Bureau. With 25 years of service at the Bureau, Andy oversees and coordinates the data products and data user training for the Economic Census and survey programs. He also is the lead geographic specialist in the Economic Programs directorate. Andy holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Syracuse University and has a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.
Ryan Burson, Demographer/Statistician, Population Division
U.S. Census Bureau
Ryan Burson has been a demographer/statistician with the Census Bureau since 2008. He works with people in the Population Division to prepare and disseminate official estimates and projections for the nation, states, and local areas. Before coming to the Census Bureau, Ryan served as State Demographer of Missouri. He was an active member of the Missouri State Data Center for many years.

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